EdgePak Straw

Strawbased packaging solutions

Strawbased packaging solutions

EdgePak Straw is a solution that provides stacking strength and easy handling at a low carbon footprint. Foldable Corners made from strawboard – creates a strong moisture resistant construction +4 ton stacking.

Why is Strawboard strong?

Nefab EdgePak Straw evolved out of our duty corrugated solution. We wanted to develop a quick-and-easy solution with lower cost and increased stacking strength. The compact, wet mechanical process makes straw pulp more resistant to moisture than paper. The straw fibers are short (not flexible) but very stiff compared to wood fiber, when combining the layers it gives the material great strength.

Nefab Strawbased Solutions from NefabTV on Vimeo.

Why is Strawboard strong?

For all types of applications

EdgePak straw can be used for a wide variety of applications, ranging from light to heavy. It can be used to ship products through road, sea and air. It can be custom made with different styles of lids, corrugated sleeves and pallets to match the needs of your products.

For all types of applications


Advantages with EdgePak straw

EdgePak Straw is customizable solution that can be tailored to your products and requirements.

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